Ten Best Way To Happy for No Cost

To find happiness, people are willing to spend much money. But happiness is not something that can be measured and judged by money alone to be.

Here are 10 ways to be happy without cost:

1. Grip on the tank.

Research in the 1980s with the release of aquarium fish that swim freely is complete, you can reduce stress and blood pressure.

2.Second in a yellow shirt.
The waves emitted by the yellow color appeared relatively long and can give the effect of the stimulation. Search called yellow give the effect of optimism, confidence, good self-esteem, emotional strength, friendship and creativity, which ultimately lead to happiness.

3. With the power of flowers.

A behavioral study by researchers at Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital was conducted, showed that patients generally slow in the morning, so happy and excited to see the flowers when you wake up in the morning.

4. Milk consumption

Milk contains many proteins that can reduce the physical effects of stress, improves memory and strengthens the magic of the heart, says Susan Kleiner, author of The Mood f Plan: Feel good as you lose weight.

5. Determine the natural landscape

Research shows patients in hospital to recover with access to interesting places in the great outdoors, surrounded faster after surgery than patients who rawatnya space with walls. The theory is on the landscape outside the room, looking to improve mood, reduce stress and give a sense of optimism that a cure over time.

6. Odor.

"A certain smell can trigger memories of events or feelings. If the memory was something funny, then you can reduce stress and mood," says Alan Hirsch, MD, assistant professor of neurology and psychiatry at Rush-Presbyterian St. Luke Medical Center , Chicago. Some favorite flavors like mint, the smell of fresh bread and vanilla.

7. He jumped up and danced

"Based on the research, jumping up and down like a trampoline sleama 30 seconds to improve the health of the heart, lowers blood pressure and improves mood," said Buddy Lee, a former U.S. Olympic Training break and author of the rope.

8. Chewing gum

The tests were given 15 words, the gum people, two or three times more than those who do not remember. The reason? Andrew Scholey said according to the University of Northumbria at Newcastle, England, chewing gum, more oxygen and glucose in the brain to improve concentration, mood and confidence.

9. Clean up your messy room.

Most people feel stressed and depressed when they are surrounded by all casinos. Worktable, full of unnecessary paperwork, mint, organized closets, can cause stress, which increases heart rate and blood pressure is very unhealthy.

10. Standing and sitting upright.

Based on research in Germany, people can sit upright in an original and touching story, so that people can use a bow SA is not a good posture, the tendons and ligaments are stretched, weakened joints and also affects the organs of the body.

The experience that, especially when changing work fatigue and also the noise of city life.

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